Lonely Dog Took In Four Homeless Kittens After The Passing Of His Cat Best Friend

Not too long after, the rescue group received four kittens with no mom. Williams decided to foster the kittens, thinking that it will teach her children the value of fostering shelter animals.

However, she did not expect that her doggo Flora would benefit the most from the four kittens. Not only did the felines taught William’s children a valuable lesson, they also filled Flora’s heart with joy!

Flora and the kittens connected upon first meeting. One of the kittens, Iggy, approached Flora head on.

Here was Dexter and Flora. 

The litter of kittens who filled Flora’s days with joy after her beloved Dexter’s passing. 

“All four of them immediately walked over to her, completely unfazed by her larger than life appearance,” Williams told The Dodo. “Iggy was the first brave boy — he went right up and sniffed her nose. She gently brought her face down to meet his. He did not flinch or hiss. She got this huge smile on her face and then the other three came trotting over to say hello.”

It was love at first sight. Go to the next page for more!

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