They Rescued Mama Dog And Puppies From Steel Yard, Then Realized ”Mama” Was Actually ”Dad”

As soon as the puppies were comfortable, they began what they came there to do–starting with one pupper.

He kicked and cried and put up a fight, like many dogs who has never had human contact would. They threw a towel on him and assured him that everything was ok. He eventually calmed down.

The remaining two dogs were visibly weary of the rescuers after the first pupper put up a fight. But the rescuers were more determined to rescue them than they were weary of their presence.

The capture of the second dog was very smooth. They cornered him immediately. He tried to put up a fight but there was nowhere for him to run. Plus, the towel they threw on him was very comforting.

The third puppy was a rather tricky one. As the only free puppy left, he felt alone and driven to a corner. Scared about what might happen to him, he was all over the place. He went through tight openings, and skimpy pipes and hidden corners.

They eventually captured him after struggling for sometime. It was apparent that he knew he was safe the moment Eldad placed him on his lap and wrapped him in a towel.

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