This Mama Dog Who Adopted A Lion Cub Will Make Your Day!


A mama dog is making rounds on the internet for taking under her wing a LION cub! In Beijing China, cross species shenanigans once more takes the driver’s seat.

If Zootopia has taught us anything is the fact that different species and races can truly, despite their natural instinct, manage to uphold an honest friendship.

That and the fact that anthropomorphic animals mean big bucks in the box office.

In 2002, an adorable mama dog was tasked with a rather insane assignment. The Badaling Safari zoo were desperate.

One of their lion cubs had been abandoned. His real mother could not feed him. He was growing weak as the days passed by.

Turn to the next page to see the rest of the story. It is as beautiful as it is shocking. You don’t see dogs adopting deadly predators everyday!


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