Man Kicks Terrified Dog Until He Bled In Front Of Appalled Shoppers


A scene of abuse horrified passersby in broad daylight outside a Tesco in Toxeth, Liverpool. The man kicked his defenseless dog until he bled.

The dog, a Jack Russell terrier, was aggressively yanked by the leash and kicked on the back and sides. The kicks packed so much anger and force, the small dog flew in the air with each strike.

”I was walking up with my earphones in when I saw a man rag his dog off the bus, he was booting it in the side and from behind,” said an unnamed man who saw the abused.

Blood splattered on the pavement where the abuse took place.

”The dog looked terrified and was trying to escape from him, he was yanking the lead up and volleying the poor dog in the face, by this point there was blood all over the floor.

”I thought it was one kick away from falling to the floor and dying, at that point everyone ran over confronting the man screaming at him,” he continued.

Passersby jumped to the dog’s rescue and confronted the man, who responded aggressively to the members of the public who tried to stop him. Turn to the next page for more.


  1. OMG ! I sure hope the authorities were notified, so he will NEVER be allowed to own another dog EVER !!!
    WHAT A FRIGIN A=HOLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I hope when he gets to old to take care of himself he gets the same treatment from a person that is suppose to care for him. Karma really is the answer to this as.hole. He should never be allowed to own a pet. Hope he ‘accidentally’ falls out of an upstairs window with his hands tied behind his back.

  3. Im so glad that kind man stepped in to save that little dog, i would of done the same and took that dog from him, hope he gets done for it, he must think it makes him look tough, twat, he needs a good kicking

  4. disgusting vile person , needs to be jailed and never allowed a pet again ! people need to step in as soon as they see abuse happening to animals
    good on you Molly I am with you !

  5. Any more stupid people are testing the waters of the publics eye, this kind of man is ruthless. Has no human heart only anger they prize themselves on. And it’s always animals, that have no way to defend themselves. These kind of people are sick in the head. Let him try that on a rottwhilier…he wouldn’t get far. It’s only because he can, that he shows his ignorance over a harmless pet. Thk goodness the gentleman who rescued him is kind and loving in heart and soul.

  6. That guy is a sick, disgusting ,cruel. heartless man. He should never own any kind of an animal. That poor little dog. My heart hurts for it. Who knows what he’s been doing to that poor little dog, when they were at home.OMG !!! He deserves a big fine & some jail time.

  7. Thank you so very much for saving that poor little dog. You are now his hero and I hope you can keep him forever. The dog will always be grateful to you. You have his unconditional love forever. Thank you, your a real man!

  8. thank u to the shop owner for what should have happened within seconds of his horrible abuse to a animal that was unable to get away from him. there is never an exscuse for his self serving disgusting behaviour. off to the sych hospital for him , if he does this to animals no one is safe around him i hope shop owner keeps that little dog..

  9. how many people watched this man kick that little dog .. and did nothing? blood drops all over the place from him kicking him over and over…. makes me sad to think how many did nothing .. 🙁 poor little sweetie .. when a good man stands back and does nothing .. you are just as guilty as the man doing it..

  10. I love Jack Russells and it is so upsetting to read and hear about this kind of a human being mistreating and abusing this little dog. They are so smart and funny. Had I been there and witnessed this, I would have offered to take the dog from him as well. No animal deserves to be treated this way especially dogs who are so loyal and devoted to their human family.

  11. Why didn’t one of those men in the video punch that sob in the nose and make him bleed. I would have and I’m a woman. That sorry scum bag!

  12. That so called SOB who did that to that little dog needs to be tied up and let people come up to him and kick him like he did to that poor little dog

  13. Put this “fine, upstanding citizen” on a leash and let people kick him until his body flies into the air and there’s blood everywhere….then ask him how did it feel….and THEN put his sorry, good-for-nothing ass in jail for about 5 years.

  14. anyone who does this to a dog needs to be punished appropriately he could do that to a child, hope he gets his just desserts, well done the shop owner for stepping in, I couldn’t see this happen and not act, hope the wee dog is ok xx


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