Man Noticed Dog Chained To A Wall 24/7, Then He Found Out How Long He’s Been Like This

This is the harrowing story of Rusty, a senior dog who had been chained up for over a decade in a backyard. But thanks to the kindness of a stranger who decided to stop by and give him attention, he will finally get the chance to enjoy what little time he has left in this world.

Rusty was deemed an aggressive dog. He barked at everyone who passed by the backyard so no one dared pet him.

But one day, a kind man named Jared stopped by and tried to befriend him.

Surprisingly, Rusty welcomed his presence rather warmly so he had been stopping to pet him and give him treats ever since.

Jared resolved that he’s not leaving Rusty in such  deplorable condition. He asked his owner if she could hand over Rusty so he can find him a better home.

At first, she refused, saying Rusty might bite him but she gave him the dog in the end.

Go to the next page to watch how wrong Rusty’s owners were about him. It’s heartbreaking.


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