Man Straps GoPro Camera To His Dog While He’s Away. Now He Wishes He Hadn’t!


Before you get a dog, promise to yourself that you won’t leave him at home alone all the time. He misses you a lot and while it may feel like just a few hours for you, it feels like days for your dog.

Watch this emotional video below!


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    • Wow, that’s pretty harsh. He didn’t abuse the dog; he had to leave. He obviously works. Name calling and saying he doesn’t deserve a dog are unnecessary and unwarranted. Maybe he’s not the idiot??

      • Agreed….my dogs howl when I leave..I work from home..I live above my business…I can leave for 5 minutes or 5 hours..the results are always the same..dogs are the most wonderful loving Loyal creature on this planet!!!!! ♡♡♡♡♡♤♤

    • So no dog owner should ever leave their home without their dog?????? Some people have to work ya know! And go grocery shopping. Maybe you want him to leave his dog in the car instead????? You’re an idiot.

    • No, you stupid and,asume, and have no clue about anything. He cares for his dog and provide. How do you think this BABIE react when he have to go grocery? Think before you open your mouth.

    • Dolores you are an a**. For the first 6 years of my dogs life she too, had separation anxiety. There was nothing I could do about it, I had to work. She’s nearly 11 now and grew out of the screaming part but she still has issues. And I still go to work.

    • No Delorus, YOU are an idiot. Making negative assumptions about the details of a three minute video is the ultimate in childishness. Reminds me of someone calling names on a grade-school playground. What grade are you in, by the way?

  1. Heartbreaking. That’s why it’s always better to have two dogs rather than just one. At least they can keep each other company and they won’t feel so “abandoned” while the owner is away.

  2. Heartbreaking. That’s why it’s always better to have two dogs rather than just one. At least they can keep each other company and they won’t feel so abandoned while the owner is away.

    • I agree here, yes, ideally you are correct – but not everyone has room for 2 dogs – or the finances – it’s extremely costly to have a pet, and the bigger the animal, the more it’s going to cost. Speaking from experience.

      I don’t know if the man has a variety of toys and doggie puzzles that his pet finds interesting and fun – if not, maybe it would help – while shopping for my own pets, I’ve noticed dog owners with their dogs letting their pet do the choosing of which toy he or she wants. Just some ideas……In any case, my heart really felt the emotional pain of the man’s dog, poor baby.

  3. Poor baby! He was panicked at being left alone and crying his little heart out! That final disheartened, discouraged, hopeless sigh was just heartbreaking!!!

    • Poor baby that’s why I have two dogs so there not so lonely when I leave I always tell my girls where I’m going there alway so happy when I get home

  4. you didn’t tell him you would be back or where you are going try that and you will see how much better it will be we till ours two things i have to go to work or i have to go to the store i tell them over and over then i think now they know

  5. This is one of the saddest things I’ve ever seen. I hope the owner worked something out for the dog so it won’t suffer his absence so much.

  6. I ALWAYS LEAVE MY RADIO ON AND SOMETIMES MY tv on IF I have to go out. I mostly take her with me as she loves the car but you have to be so careful where you go as dogs are being stolen from cars in some areas. I hope she doesnt cry while Im away like this lovely dog. They have so much love to give. She is my life.

  7. I’d think an easy resolution to the problem would be to get a second dog for a buddy and companion through the otherwise long and lonely days. It works like magic for me. Dogs get lonely, and perhaps afraid, just like humans , but with a buddy around, it’s a different story.

  8. The poor baby. I am lucky that I work from home. My girl is a rescue and I try to take her with me every time I leave the house. She is so precious to us

  9. I could try this with my Shih Tzu Oliver when my parents and I aren’t home. We always wonder what he’s doing when we’re not home.

  10. I hope the owner gives this dear dog many hugs and lots of attention to try to make up for the dog’s lonliness. What a sweetheart. Another dog to keep it company might be considered.

  11. This was the reason we adopted a second dog. We were afraid our Kaiser was having separation anxiety when we’d leave him even for an hour. We take them with us pretty much everywhere but sometimes we can’t.

    • We have a dog who has separation anxiety and we have to take him everywhere with us now, he has always been bought up with another dog but doesn’t make any difference to him, he cries like this dog does but howls too

  12. hi i do not have dog but my cat makes a noise when we go out she can be very naughty by climbing up the in the windows trying to knock the cartion rail dow

  13. Until now I would never have thought this would happen. I had several dogs throughout my life and did work so I guess they went through the same anxiety. It’s really not the owners fault, he had no idea the dog would miss him that much. I can see now why he wishes he hadn’t attached the camera. Maybe he could make a bed with some of his clothing in it so the dog would have his scent and feel more secure. Or he can put a radio or tv on so there is some white noise to help comfort the dog. Or maybe both would help. I don’t know, I am grasping at straws here…lol I feel just as bad for the owner as I do the dog. Now they will both be miserable Mon thru Fri.

    • I agree Joanne, his owner really loves and cares for his dog like we all do, most of us must go to work and dogs must stay home, it’s also not always an option to have 2 dogs. My thinking is the TV or Radio might help, but at least the dog is in the house, not out in a kennel in the back corner of the yard or on chain..

  14. If this video can keep others from having a dog that they will have to leave at home all day, then sad as it is, it will hopefully save many dogs from same fate. Or at least to learn lesson of having two dogs–for companionship during long days. I wish the owner would post what he has since done to change the lonely circumstances for this lovely but sad dog.

  15. U have to get them use to u leaving fromm the begining ….it does help.lots of people have to work.i hate when they crate all day.i have 2 dogs right now but someone is always home.if we all leave they seem to be alright.its very rare that they are alone.they behave well when were gone buts its only few hours .

  16. My oldest had separation anxiety very bad. I have gotten other dogs since and his anxiety is quite a lot less when I go, but they all will bark and howl when I leave for work. But at least they aren’t alone and they have a good house to live in.

  17. Everyday, I tell my dog that I’m going to work, I direct him to his bed, leave him treats and say goodbye. It gives him a warning that I’ll be a while… it’s routine.

  18. It was reacting to the camera device. It was upset to be left with the strange camera wrapped around it. It was sure the master(s) wouldn’t leave it in that condition. That’s my guess.

  19. My guess he was reacting to the camera wrapped around him. It felt very foreign, and because of his close bond with his owner(s) he felt it very unlikely they would leave him in distress like that. So the act of scientific study affected the outcome.

  20. My guess is he was reacting to the camera around him. It probably felt odd, and because of his bond with the owner(s) he felt it unlikely they’d leave him in distress like that. So the act of scientific study affected the outcome.

  21. There are times you have to leave them if you work…gotta buy that dog food and doggie treats! I am retired so I never leave my 11 year old furbaby Sisco at home alone.
    I take him with me..if I can’t then he has a sitter and if all else fails…I just don’t go!
    But I have the luxury of doing that…not everyone does.
    He didnt leave his dog tied up outside or without food or water…he left him in a familiar place with all of his stuff…he was just sad…not mistreated.

  22. It plainly states the man wishes he never po it the video on the the dog so that tells me the guy was heartbroken at what he seen
    So saying he doesn’t deserve the dog is just wrong he took an put camera on dog for or a reason he cared an wanted to know how the dog did while he was gone only thing I seen wrong was the man didn’t say bye I’ll b back in a little while or even pet the dog or a hug even how about love u boy/girl anything
    But I think he cares enough to want to know if dog was on an now he knows

  23. Omg people the dog is spoiled, yes bored yes wants his daddy home. I have two dogs every time my boyfriend leaves one sits an crys too. And I’m even home with them. Now if he left him chained up or stuck in a kennel all day then yes he would be an a**hole. But he is fine well cared for!!

  24. i have 3 rescues that are dogs and 2 that are cats. my newest dog rescue, i have had since valentine’s day. he came with a lot of issues, one being the rescue vet said he was 2.2 years old when he clearly wasn’t. my vet said um, your dog acts like this because he is a puppy. 7 mos. and 88 lbs. lord. i rescued him because i need a service dog for mobility. at his age his muscular skeletal system isn’t well developed enough to support my weight. he must be at least 2.5 for that; hence my jumping at the chance to adopt at dog almost old enough. 300.00 later and a vet visit that tells me the 300.00 rescue is a long way from being able to help me with mobility and here we are. he has separation anxiety and will tear up the house if left alone even tho i have 2 other dogs. the other 2 are already trained service dogs, so they go with me. i take this one, too, since he’s in training. he’s actually done very very well. he still cries even if i’m in the front yard and he’s in the back. he just want’s to be with me all the time. it’s like having a toddler. i never use the bathroom alone and remember this is a big dog. he’s now about 115lbs and stands 7 ft tall on his back feet. i have never seen a GSD this large. he was afraid of everything when we got him but i have worked with him a lot and my senior service dog is a great mentor. however, even with the other 2 dogs, i cannot leave this one alone. part of it is his age. he’s in his teenage stage so when he gets pissed, i find my throw pillows, shoes, etc. in the back yard. because i live in the woods in a mild climate, i leave the backdoor open for the boys to come and go. we fenced off 1/4 acre so they have lots of room and usually no other critters come in unless the cats invite them…ew. so, my thoughts on this dog being all alone is, get him a friend. they are pack animals and since the owner is the pack leader, they feel abandoned at being left. people have to work, but having a buddy for that lil guy would make his life so much better. some dogs never get over their anxiety. i’m hoping mine does but he just turned 1 and he has another year to mature, so we’ll see. if he doesn’t get over it, i’ll just deal with it. i’m home all day and if i do have to go out, he’s with me. the saddest thing about him is that he fights us to get in the car. he pants the entire time because he was in so many foster homes. i think he still thinks we are taking him somewhere and leaving him. so i make sure to take him in the car at least once a week, stop somewhere and get out and come home. this way he will eventually trust that we are his last owners. he never has to worry about being abandoned again. when he was found he was with his brother on the streets of stockton and about 25 lbs under weight. i assure you he is no longer under weight. he’s a giant… my gentle giant with hang ups and dorky puppy behaviour… MOOSE. if you saw him, you’d know why we named him that. i hope the guy read some of these comments and got his dog a buddy. maybe his landlord won’t allow another dog, maybe he can’t afford the deposit. you never know someone else’s life.

  25. I had two beagles Pacino and Pesci and I always wondered what they did when we were gone. I used an app on my phone that allowed me to watch them. They were fine without me lol. In April I lost one of my babies to cancer and I was concerned how Pesci would react being alone…again, he just slept the time i was gone. I know this isn’t going to sit well with a lot of dog owners, but I would never get a dog if I had to leave him 5 days a week all by himself. I wouldn’t even do this if I still had two dogs. I would enroll him in doggie daycare or arrange someone to sit with him a couple of hours a day and walk him. My husband and I had different work schedules so someone was always home with them. Of course, dog owners have lives and go out, but I don’t think dogs should be left alone 9 hours a day. Just my opinion.

  26. I don’t know what my misty does but I’m sure she slimes on the couch by the window cause the cover on it is pulled down a little,but when I come home to even some one visits she carrying a pillow to the door for anyone, I guess she wants whoever to stay love that girl she is my eyes and ears ,I’m hard of hearing so she acknowledges the door bell, she warns me when something is boiling over, or even when the oven buzzes to tell me my cooking is done!she is so mosey she tells me when my neighbors have visitors and all everyone’s coming and goings.gotta love her!

  27. The owner isn’t an idiot, he has a job like most of us and curios what his dog does when he is working. I’ve always wondered myself. He’s comfortable and is safe being indoors and I’m sure he loves his dog very much!🐾


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