Man Attempts To Kick Stray Dog At Beach, Instant Karma Ensues


There’s something weirdly satisfying about seeing instant karma, especially when it happens to someone who is about to harm an innocent animal.

There’s no excuse for charging at a dog with the intent to hurt. If you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them.


Anyway, watch the video below and be reminded to be kind to animals. It’s good for your soul (and body).

These dogs may not have a home, but they got each other’s back. They will protect each other from beach-bumming, cargo pants-wearing, shirtless jerks!

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  1. He got exactly what he deserved! Maybe he won’t be so quick to go after another animal. One question: Why do people have so much trouble focusing on what’s actually going on? Is it that hard to keep the camera on it?


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