Strangers Give Marine A Puppy. The Reason Is So Emotional It’ll Make You Sob!

These sort of stories are a dime a dozen. Tales of animals helping overcome egregious injuries. Nursing the mangled away from the edge of desperation. Still, despite their abundance, each onto itself is a small miracle.

While perpetrating his patriotic duty, Marine Cpl. Justin McLoud, almost gifted his country with the ultimate sacrifice. The year was 2010 and while crossing a bridge in Afghanistan, an IED blasted apart his company.

The resulting mayhem, cost the brave hero both his legs and his arm. Since that horrific experience his tour of duty was put on hold permanently.

His only dream, after the almost fatal explosion, was to hold, among many things, a loyal service dog. An action that did not seem compatible due to the nature of his injuries.

Go to the next page to see how this story unfolds. Corporal McLoud is getting the best present he’s every received yet.


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