Marine Risks Career To Bring Stray Dog In Afghanistan To The US


Carlo Grossi, a U.S. Marine, didn’t think much of the dog he saw at the military base when he first arrived in Afghanistan. After all, his first few days were spent fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan’s Sangin District.

But when the fighting subsided, he finally had the time to look around the base. That’s when he noticed a small dog who took refuge in the bushes.

Marines were warned about the stray dogs in the area, as some of which are aggressive. That did not prevent Grossi from approaching the small bush dog.

The dog was covered in bugs and clearly had not been receiving love from the people around. He lured him in with some beef jerky and the dog’s gentleness took him by surprise. Grossi gave him a scratch behind the ear and walked away, but the dog followed him.

“I feel a little poke at my ankle, I look down, and there he is, following me,” Craig told The Dodo. Meanwhile, Grossi’s friend yelled from the other side of the compound, “Looks like you made a friend.’’

However, Grossi heard it as “Looks like a ‘Fred.’’ And voila, the bush dog got his name. Grossi and Fred were inseparable ever since.


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