Marine Risks Career To Bring Stray Dog In Afghanistan To The US


So inseparable that Fred would tag along when they check nearby towns. Fred knows not to make noises during those rounds and that’s when the other Marines realized just how smart he is. Eventually, they accepted him as one of them.

However, Craig will soon be transferred to another base and can’t take Fred with him. He wanted to smuggle him but if he was caught, it means jail time for him and euthanasia for Fred.

Still, their friendship was worth the risk. If Fred followed him, he would smuggle him out.

During his deployment, as he was about to board the helicopter, he felt a familiar poke on his ankle. It was Fred. He shoved him in a duffle bag and smuggled him out!

At the new base, there’s a newly set up DHL. Grossi approached them with a ‘’hypothetical’’ question, which involved shipping a dog to the US. They laughed him off but eventually realized he wasn’t kidding. Unfortunately, he was sent to the field before he could finish the necessary paperwork.

Check out their love story below.


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