Maru Is The Happiest Husky On The Internet With An Infectious Smile!

If you need a reason to smile today, Maru the Husky can help you with that. Maru is one of the most followed dogs on Instagram for a very specific reason: he has an adorable, beautiful, genuine, infectious smile!

Maru’s owners says he resembles a panda and a seal, among other things. Nevertheless, he’s among the happiest creature we’ve seen around.

We are not exactly sure why he is always happy. Maybe it’s because he has 173k followers on Instagram. Or that he stole a cookie and got away with it! Maybe he’s just happy to be alive!

Bored Panda, a media outlet and self-proclaimed panda expert, attested that Maru the Husky is indeed a panda. We’re totally siding Bored Panda on this one!

Turn to the next page to see the Husky being his adorable self! His smile won’t let you down!



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