Meet Sydney, The Psychotherapy Dog!

Here’s a touching story about a therapy dog so sensitive, she knew exactly what to do when she encountered an elderly woman in unusual distress.

Sydney was an Australian Shepherd nearing the end of a long and rewarding life.

Her favorite job was visiting the elderly people at their “forever home” after lunch.  They always smelled of good food and were anxious to pet the dogs that came every week.  It was hard work because Sydney had to focus only on the people and not the other dogs.


One Fall day, I noticed that she was anxious and pulling on her leash.  She didn’t want to stay in the big Common Room with the other dogs and the good-smelling people.

Thinking that Sydney wasn’t feeling well or needed to water a bush, we went outside and started to walk around the property.

Read on to find out what was making Sydney so anxious!


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