Missing Dog Found. Treated Like A Queen & Carried Back To Safety!

The dog, who they nicknamed Miss Piggy, eventually trusted her rescuers. They decided to take her to safety by devising climbing ropes.

However, she was too exhausted to make it through the rough terrain. She’s had a rough few weeks.


Therefore, they created a DIY yet fancy carrying device to make her travel back to society comfortable.





They placed her inside a canvas bag, attached it to a stick, and fortified it with ropes and blankets. They carried her like a QUEEN!

The trio posted a photo of Miss Piggy online and thankfully, her dad came forward. As it turns out, she escaped from owner’s yard nearly 10 miles out.



It’s unclear how she ended up in the bushes but her dad is just ecstatic to have her back.

Images via Imgur/Dangerm0use


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