Missing Dog Was Thought Dead. Fate Brings Him Back 9 YEARS LATER!

A missing dog comes around after 9 years, thanks to a good Samaritan and a microchip. His family couldn’t be more ecstatic of his return.

Brownie, a Yorshire Terrier, disappeared from the home he shared with owner Amy Baca almost a decade ago. Brownie ran out of the door when Baca’s visiting niece left the door open.

“My niece came to visit my mom, and they had opened the door and he just ran out, because he hated when we would leave.”

Baca’s family looked for Brownie for years. To no avail, they failed.

“We suffered a lot,” Baca said. “We would look for him day and night.”

Luckily, Kathy Hamel of Arizona Shih Tzu & Small Breed Rescue found Brownie. Although at first, she didn’t think he would have an owner considering how neglected he looked.

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