Mom Offends Big Dog So He Ignores What She Has To Say—Until She Says Sorry

Some people say they are just dogs— but even dogs have feelings too! That is why when we offend our dog, I think it’s important we have to apologize.

Why? Because dogs are capable of complex emotions!

And they are capable of ignoring you to their heart’s content until you apologize! The video next page is proof.

A fluffy Newfoundland doggo is ignoring mom big time because she offended him. The video doesn’t show how but we bet it was not even that big of a deal.

Nevertheless, doggo is not having any of it.

She ignores mom with a straight face. He barely even looks at her.

That is until mom said the magic words that floofer wanted to hear…and those words are ”I’m sorry.”

Go to the next page to see the beautiful moment of reconciliation unfold.


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