This Dog Was Abandoned In A Shelter, Then They Noticed His Incredible Ability!


Big floppy ears gifted him the name Sonar. He is a black and white Pit Bull who lived in a shelter that works hand in hand with the Animal Protection Association (APA), a non-profit organization dedicated to created bonds between people and pets for humane educational purposes.

Sonar was discovered by Mary Roy, a member of the Missouri Task Force One, a team equipped to search and rescue victims trapped in collapsed structures. They quickly decided that this hairy-friend could be a member as well.

For that, Mary had to make sure that her instincts towards Sonar were right, so she decided to put him to test.

He had to crawl barely secure, intimidating spaces in order to get a toy without getting distracted by other things in his environment. By all means, he had to overcome any obstacles in his way and safely return to his matters.

Sonar was later adopted by Mary, who also has a certified FEMA trained dog as well. The latter was trained to find living people, while Sonar´s job is to find deceased people.  Go to the next page to see the rest of the story!


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