My Dog Cries In His Sleep. Is This Normal?

It is not uncommon for our four-legged buddies to cry, kick, growl or whimper while sleeping. Like most warm-blooded animals, dogs are capable of dreaming. A dog crying in his sleep is nothing new and there have been many instances when dogs act on their fantasies while asleep.

REM in a nutshell
Dreams happen during a period of deep slumber called Rapid Eye Movement (REM). Since a dog’s hippocampus functions similar to that of humans, dogs can dream as vividly as we do.

During sleep, the brain wave patterns of dogs undergo similar stages of electrical activity that are consistent with dreaming and look very much like human brain waves.

When an animal is in REM, his body releases paralyzing chemicals to prevent him from acting out his dream. This natural mechanism, however, is not bulletproof so we frequently notice dreamers -humans or canine- cry, jerk, talk and do things while dreaming.



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