Myths About Black Cats And Dogs Debunked. Do You Believe Old Wives’ Tales?

Do you know the myths about black cats and dogs? The most popular myth in the United States warns that if a black cat crosses your path then you will have bad luck. But don’t worry…There is a means to counteract this, so called, bad luck.

To reverse the bad luck of a black cat crossing you, you are suppose to tip your hat and say, “Good evening, Mr. Black Cat,” says Utah State University folklorist Lynne McNeille, Ph.D.

However, black cats are not considered bad in all countries. In the United Kingdom, black cats are considered good luck; yet, white cats are considered to be bad luck.

I often wondered how these myths came about. I also wondered just why a black cat was to represent evil and/or a witches companion during Halloween. Let’s look at a little folklore to understand just how this came about.

In 1495 a woman stated that she learned her witchcraft from the devil, who appeared before her as a black cat. Since black cats were seen as an incarnate of the devil, many woman were burned with their cats. Then children see storybooks with witches and dark haunted houses and, lo and behold, there is always a black cat sitting on the stoop or gazing over the witch’s shoulder as she stirs her brew.

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