Stray Dog Was Wandering At Gas Station. Instead Of Shooing Him, They Gave Him A Uniform

What would you do if you see a dog hanging around your establishment? You give him a job! Or at least that’s what Sabrina Planerer did!

A dog named Negao was abandoned by his former around the property Planerer bought, which was then under construction to become a gas station. Many establishments would shoo dogs away, thinking they are bad for business. But Planerer is unlike other business owners.

Negao the dog was clearly too afraid to leave the area. So instead of shooing him away, she took him in!

Sabrina gave him a second chance at life. She took her to the vet, bought her food, new toys and leash so they can go on walks together.

As a stray, Negao has become a fixture at the gasoline station. The staff could use some help and the customers love him.

The next thing Negao the dog knows, he has a job at the gas station as the official mascot. He hangs around the area with an ID and a cap on his hand.

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