No Dog Sitter? Here Are 11 Major Retailers That Welcome Dogs!


One of the greatest hassles of owning a pet is shopping bigotry. Sale store xenophobia. Furry discrimination.

Why can’t Fido enjoy the luxuries of Macy’s? Why can’t Billy The Bulldog not slubber over Banana Republic’s end of the season sales; both literally and figuratively?

The revolution will be waged and televised; most likely on Animal Planet. There will be an uprising! While the gears of change grease to acceleration, over 33 stores nationwide have heard the clamor and come to the calling.

These pet friendly establishments work on that basis that most times dogs are far more respectful than a high percentage of human beings.

They’ll behave with better pedigree than some of the two legged rascals that form their clientele. Go to the next page to see our list of 11 pet-friendly stores!


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