Olympic Skier Helps Shut Down Dog Farm In South Korea And Is Bringing Puppies Home

South Korea

Everyone needs to give a giant round of applause to Olympic skier Gus Kenworthy. While competing in Pyeong Chang, South Korea during the 2018 Winter Olympics he was able to convince a South Korean dog farmer to close down the operation, rescuing 90 dogs.

Kenworthy is a freestyle skier and used his position as an Olympian in Pyeong Chang to bring awareness and attention to the inhumane treatment of dogs in the country. Thankfully, Kenworthy was able to team up with the Humane Society International to convince the farmer to stop his ‘farming.’

Ninety of the dogs that were rescued ended up being transported to the United States and Canada for medical treatment and shelter placement. All of them will soon have forever homes, there’s no doubt about that.

One dog named Beemo, though, was lucky enough to find a home right off the bat – with Kenworthy. However, this really comes as no surprise given the Olympian’s history as an animal advocate. In 2014, during the Sochi games, he helped rescue five strays that he met while in the city.

Continue to the next page to see Kenworthy’s adorable Instagram post about the amazing news, and learn more about “Gaegogi” which is what South Koreans call dog meat. Find out why this controversial tradition is still in practice.


  1. I know this is natural for Koreans but I’m proud of you for bringing them home. I noticed a huskey I have a male and looking for a mate. I would like one or a German shepherd if possible. I have rescued over100 dogs on my own, trained to be in-house. I fell in love with them all but I kept 3 dogs. One is 16 yrs now one 6-8 yrs and baby huskey 1yr and 3 months. They are family this is my mission to help as many dogs as I’m able to. Please get in touch with me . Thank you for being a good and humble man to care for these dogs o.

  2. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You did a wonderful thing to rescue all these dogs from a unbearable brutal death
    Thank you thank you thank you

    Centennial CO

  3. As always, a very inciteful and thought worthy post. Love Kenworthy and his positions on queer representation but what this highlights rather well is how we often miss the boat when it comes to understanding others.


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