Olympic Skier Helps Shut Down Dog Farm In South Korea And Is Bringing Puppies Home

Eating Gaegogi, or dog meat, has been a tradition for a very long time in both North and South Korea, along with other regions. However, due to sanitation issues and cruelty concerns, the practice is extremely controversial. According to Unilad, “South Korea adopted its first Animal Protection Law in Ma 1991, it never prohibited the slaughter of dogs for their meat, simply banning the killing of animals in brutal ways.”

Unlike pork or chicken, dogs do not fall under the Livestock Processing Act of 1962, which means, “there are no regulations when it comes to slaughtering dogs for meat and this leads to them being killed in numerous cruel ways, including electrocution, strangulation and some are even allegedly beaten to death.”

People who want to still prepare and consume Gaegogi argue that it should be regulated just like every other meat. They claim that as long as the meat is prepared in a humane and sanitary way, there shouldn’t be an issue. Of course, many people want the practice to stop completely.

The practice, however, does seem to be dying out amongst younger generations in South Korea. According to a 2007 survey by the Korean Ministry of Agriculture, 59 percent of Koreans under 30 would not eat dog.

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  1. I know this is natural for Koreans but I’m proud of you for bringing them home. I noticed a huskey I have a male and looking for a mate. I would like one or a German shepherd if possible. I have rescued over100 dogs on my own, trained to be in-house. I fell in love with them all but I kept 3 dogs. One is 16 yrs now one 6-8 yrs and baby huskey 1yr and 3 months. They are family this is my mission to help as many dogs as I’m able to. Please get in touch with me . Thank you for being a good and humble man to care for these dogs o.

  2. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You did a wonderful thing to rescue all these dogs from a unbearable brutal death
    Thank you thank you thank you

    Centennial CO

  3. As always, a very inciteful and thought worthy post. Love Kenworthy and his positions on queer representation but what this highlights rather well is how we often miss the boat when it comes to understanding others.


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