The Way This Dog Eats From A Bowl Will Make You Laugh Your Socks Off!

For some reason, I found myself laughing super hard over this video. And I bet watching this dog pig out of a bowl will also complete your day. Actually, your effing month! It’s super hilarious, truly a golden find.

So this Rottweiler is pretending to be a human, or at least manned by a human as he eats a bowl of what appears to be oats.I’ve seen videos like this before but I find this one the most hilarious for some reason.

You have to give props to this dog owner and this Rottweiler for pulling off this hilarious stunt. I can only imagine how warm it is to share a sweater with a furry 100-pound canine who loves to eat!

I am still baffled how a human and a Rottweiler could fit in one sweater. One of them has to be sweating his balls off ha ha–and I would bet it’s not the Rottweiler. After all, dogs do not have sweat glands!

Go to the next page to see the oatmeal loving Rottweiler. There’s no doubt in my mind that this dog is enjoying his big bowl of oatmeal. Watch him eat also kinda makes me want to eat.


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