These Dogs Feel Defeated. You’ll Chuckle When You See What They’re Afraid Of!

Dogs are unafraid of cars, diseases, poisonous toads, psychopaths and so many others that pose real dangers. But all it takes is one grumpy looking cat for them to take a step back and whimper in fear.

It may be a great idea for burglars, whose next big job is to burglarize a home heavily guarded by dogs, to bring a cat. When it comes to non physical intimidation methods such as stare offs, cats always win against dogs.

The video we’re about to show you contains a collection of footage of dogs unable to go through corridors, hallways and stairs because they are afraid to pass by the cat.

While I feel bad for the dogs, I am impressed but quite baffled by cats’ ability to scare off animals 3 times their size or even more.

Go to the next page to see dogs who are so scared of cats they back away,  freeze in fear, or whimper at a corner. A dog’s courage down the drain when they see their feline nemesis.


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