Pit Bull Loves Ice Cream, Waits In Line To Get One! ADORABLE!!!


This Pit bull loves ice cream and was spotted patiently waiting in line for his time to order! Ice Cream, when you’re a kid there is nothing that will make you run a marathon faster than the prospect of a cone of happiness.

A melt on your tongue, thank the Lord for its existence on a hot summer day! Scoop of gelato, please!!!!

When you’re young, barely able to get off the rug and do something for yourself, the promise of ice cream, of double fudge or vanilla or chocolate and strawberry, is a galvanizing force.

The minute you’re outside and you hear the bells and whistles of the ice cream truck, you’re liable to drop everything at a moments notice and run towards that sound.

This Pit bull loves ice cream so much! Turn to the next page to see him patiently wait in line to get a scoop!


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