Montreal Pit Bull Ban Will Kill Thousands. You Can Help Fight It!

Do your part in ending the killing of thousands of Pit bulls in Montreal by signing a petition! There are no bad dogs, just bad owner. We’ve said it time and time again.

It is a common misconception, one based on a couple of bad apples, that Pit Bulls are a violent and hostile breed. Pit Bulls, like all other dog breeds, are in their very essence domesticated animals.

Yes, they have a genetical root that dates back to primitive wolves, but so do beloved breeds like Chihuahuas and Poodles. Why are we looking at the dogs and not the owners?

Montreal, Canada has not only forbidden private citizens from owning Pit Bulls, but it has actually passed an edict that has to be enforced. Shelters and homes are to euthanize homeless Pits. Vets who refuse to do so has to find someone else to do the job are, in a way, forced to be involved.

Turn to the next page to see the rest of the story! It’s appalling to kill so many innocent Pit bulls for how they look.


  1. Something wrong with your government we don’t always like how they act. Such heartless scumbags who get to dictate what they think is right when all they are is theiving greedy bastards who don’t give a sh*t about anybody or anything but themselves and money. Always money. Who the duck do they think they are they are not GOD time to stand up people. They do not have the right you let them away with this what is next.


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