Police Responds To Shoplifting Call But Ends Up Saving Hanging Dog

When two police officers responded to a shoplifting call, they did not expect they would be saving a life that day as well! Sergeant Jason Legleiter and Officer Wade Hammond was called to a Walmart to secure a shoplifter.

But one of the store employees brought their attention to another issue, a dog hanging by the leash on the side of a truck!

The dog appeared to have done it himself. He was tied inside the truck but tried to get out by jumping out of the open window.

The hanging dog looked pretty dead when he was found. The two officers were quick on their feet and cut the dog’s leash immediately.

The officers laid him down and also removed his collar. Although the dog seemed pretty gone, they did not give up on him.

They applied pressure on the side of his body, hoping to bring him back. A few minutes of that and the dog eventually began responding.

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