Pomeranian Graces Us With The Weirdest, Most Adorable Sneeze Ever!

Everyone, meet Roux the Pompom. He may be small but he’s about to grace you the cutest yet most peculiar sneeze you will ever come to witness. How can something so small sound so ..peculiar.

Roux doesn’t just let out one quick ‘’hachoo.’’ At first, he would tilt his head back and forth while making the sneezy face. When he finally lets out the big loud sneeze, he follows it up with frenzied head shaking from left to right and therefore, making a really odd sound that resembles that of what a Turkey makes.

This pup’s owner will need more than luck to wipe off the slobber every time his tiny dog sneezes. Small dogs are supposed to salivate less but I don’t think that would be the case with this one.

We love our dogs unconditionally of course – and it’s a good thing when you have to put up with a puppy with constant quirks! I guess it helps that they’re so damn cute too.

Turn to the next page to see our dear Roux’s sneeze in all it’s slobbery glory. Get out of the way or you’ll get smeared with doggy saliva. But I suppose it’s not going to be worse than human slobber, or is it?


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