Pregnant Dog On Meat Farm Waiting To Have Babies Until She Knew She Was Safe


Athena is an absolutely gorgeous Jindo mix who is just 1-year-old. Sadly, the only life she had known for the short year was on a dog meat farm in Namyangju, Korea. What’s even worse — she was pregnant.

Given that it is the winter months, if she were to give birth inside the meat farm, the chances of her puppies surviving were slim to none. The freezing temperatures would be too cold for them in the outdoor cages with the brutal wind.

Thankfully, last month, a rescue organization received a call about the horrendous conditions and the purpose of the farm. The Humane Society International (IHS) was able to rescue Athena and 170 other dogs from being turned into food.

Sadly, this practice of farming dogs for meat is legal in the country, however, the younger generation, along with activists, is trying to get the industry shut down. They’re also pushing for changes in the current laws.

Even though Athena was rescued, her ordeal was far from over. Continue to the next page to see what happened when they brought the pregnant dog to the shelter.


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