Pregnant Dog On Meat Farm Waiting To Have Babies Until She Knew She Was Safe

Pregnant Athena was flown to California and then on to Wisconsin where she was taken to the Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha County. When she arrived, she was given a nice warm bath and some cozy blankets in the kennel where she could finally get some much-needed rest.

When the rescuers went to check on Athena the very next morning, they got the surprise of a lifetime when they saw that she was surrounded by six tiny newborn puppies! She had given birth overnight.


“We thought that Athena may have been pregnant, but it was really hard for us to tell how far along she may have been since she was pretty underweight,” Jessica Pinkos, director of special projects for HAWS, told a fellow website. “It’s amazing that she was able to hold them in throughout all of the traveling until she knew she was safe.”


When they rescued the pregnant dog, she was a bit malnourished but otherwise healthy. All of her pups were in great condition as well.

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