PRICELESS! Bravest cat in the world gives Rottweiler a massage.

OMG Are these two for real? How did the cat know how to give massages? And how did she know the dog would love it? I’m not very surprised though, as cats look like they have might soft paws.

Whoever said that cats and dogs can’t get along probably haven’t see this video–and he has to. The brave feline is giving the big black Rottie a nice back massage and the Rottie sure is loving it.

“I can’t believe I am posting a cute animal video. But I couldn’t resist. This is ridiculous. Either the my folk’s cat is the bravest animal in the world or their 140 lb rottweiler is a big pussy (cat),” owner kpettway1 humorously captioned the video.

To be honest, I don’t think cat massage is such a bad idea. Just make sure your cat’s sharp nails are clipped and perhaps she’d be willing to give you a massage.

Move over Rottie. We would love a back massage too! If there’s anything in the world that gives phenomenal massages, it has to be a cat’s soft, furry paws (without the nails of course).


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