Vet Advises To Share Your Food With Pupper To Keep Him Healthy

We’ve been told time and time again not to feed human foods to pupper, but New York-based vet Danny Tufaro would beg to differ. He thinks that you should share some of your healthy food with your dog to keep him healthy.

While there are a lot of human foods that are deadly to your dog, there are also those that are okay to share. In fact, they are very healthy to share.

That is why Dr. Tufaro encourages dog owners to add variety to their dog’s diet. He believes that dogs do not get enough vegetables in terms of daily dietary intake.

Some people adhere to a specific brand to feed their dog. And if their dog is doing well on such diet, that’s fine. However, there’s absolutely no reason not to vary their food.

Turn to the next page to watch Dr. Tufaro’s take on dog diet. What do you think?


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