Puppies Are The Best Therapy For Flying. Here’s Why!

Dogs are the best friends a human can have and ace companions since thousands of years ago. We can count on them every time we need it.

Also, they have numerous and beneficial aptitudes because of their loving talents: helping blind people, working war fields, sniffing out drugs, security guard duty, searching and rescuing people, herding sheep and cattle.

But one of their best qualities is the flow of love that are constantly giving off. They can calm humans in different stressful circumstances. Bring them back from the brink.

They know how to make people happier. That’s why they are used in emotional therapies Furries help with affection, loss of fear, sleep disorders.

Little by little, companies are realizing the miraculous nature of them. The changing of human behavior when puppies are used. Go to the next page to see the video of the story.


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