Puppies plays with squeaky toy

There’s really nothing more to this video than adorable Rottweiler puppies playing with a squeaky toy. They are so adorable and beautiful to watch. Don’t you just want to take them home and spoil them rotten? Not the best idea but don’t you just want to?

When I see an adult Rottweiler, it can be quite hard to imagine that they were once so small and adorable and fragile. An adult Rottweiler is often perceived as strong, noble, and protective –and most of the time, that it will totally bite to protect its family and teritory.

There’s really not much point to this video other than its incredible cute factor but this is just what you need to get you through the day! Rottweiler puppies are so cute it’s hard to imagine that they will grow to be over 100 pounds!

But like any other dog, they were once puppies and they were super adorbs and harmless at one point! Check out video below and let it take your breath away! 

Don’t you just want to get a Rottweiler right now? One of the best breeds ever!


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