Puppies Rescued From A Dumpster Experience Bath For The First Time!

For abandoned puppies, there’s nothing more relaxing than a nice relaxing bath for the first time. But on the other hand, it’s also therapy for us dog lovers to be watching cute little pups enjoying their first bath! This is such a wonderful dog story. One of the cutest videos we have seen in a while.

These two-week-old puppies were being bathed by their rescuer who took it upon herself to care for them when she found them abandoned in a dumpster. She diligently cleans them and feeds them everyday since they don’t have mothers.

It’s really nice how someone can be so dedicated in taking care of animals who can’t fend for themselves. I think it is empathy at it’s finest. Not a lot of people would take in a litter of pups and take responsibility for them.

On a totally different note, it has recently been found out that dogs and babies light up the same areas of the human brain which means that it is a perfectly normal behavior for anyone to treat their dogs as if they are babies.

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