Puppy Tries To Stay Awake During First Bath! Cuteness Overload.

Not sure if this 5-week-old pup is tired or it’s the synergy of warm bath and gentle human touch that’s making him fall asleep uncontrollably. Whatever the reason may be, this puppy is without a doubt one of the cutest things in the world!

“Aww, he’s like a little Ewok! <3,” Tom Wallen wrote in the video’s comments section, to which video owner Cristina Giron replied, “His dads name is Chewbacca (seriously:).”

OMG how can you not fall in love with this video? This adorable puppy is trying really hard to keep his eyes open but the warm bath and gentle loving touches is putting him to sleep!

It’s okay little buddy, you can go to sleep—even though we’d love to watch you adorably fight off your sleepiness away for a little while longer. His cuteness has reached unprecedented levels.

Go to the next page to see the puppy who couldn’t keep himself awake during bath. This rescue pup deserves a moment like this!


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