Puppy wrestles with huge cat!

Whoever said that cats and dogs can’t get along has to see this video. An adorable Rottweiler puppy is wrestling with a gentle feline and they sure enjoy their playtime with each other.

I’m glad the cat is gentle enough not to go all out on the innocent puppy, and the pup is not using its teeth and jaws against the cat.

The video starts with the playful pup tugging the cat’s collar. The former eventually started riding the latter until they rolled in the grass to wrestle.

Watch the video below and swoon over. It does seem like a fair fight because the two pets are about the same size. It’s also pretty obvious that they’re just playful so there’s really nothing to be worried about.

This is so cute. Glad to see animals of different species getting along so well. These two are especially heartwarming because cats and dogs normally hate teach other, but these two are getting along just fine.


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