Relive The Moment Of Denver The Guilty Dog

Someone helped himself to the kitty cat treats and he couldn’t be more obvious. As the owner investigates which of his two dogs opened and reveled into a pack of cat treats, adorable yellow Labrador Denver just can’t hide his guilt.

The narrowing of the eyes, head tilted a little down, big toothy grin and downward tail wagging really screams of super guilty! This video is a nice comic relief for anyone in need of a good laugh today.

Denver is super guilty because he knows that he will have to pay the price for his naughtiness! Some dogs are really bad at handling pressure and immediately crack open when probed.

If you can’t be good, be careful! Check out Guilty Denver below! It’s adorable and funny how dogs are so bad at lying.

 Dogs won’t lie even if their lives depended on it and that’s what make them noble creatures that deserve our love and respect. What a precious face!


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