Rescue Dog Saves Owner from Carjacking

Victor the Pitbull, along with many other dogs, was rescued from a dog fighting ring years back. After months in rehab, he finally found a home when he got adopted by a woman named Melena.

Sadly, a lot of his friends didn’t quite make it because they exhibited behavioral problems for being victims that they were..

Nevertheless, the loyal Pitbull returns the favor by saving his owner from a carjacking incident that transpired in a parking lot. A suspected carjacker opened Melena’s car door, freaking her and Victor out. But the Pitbull wasn’t just going to sit there.

He barked at the carjacker that led him to take a step back and fall down. If it weren’t for this brave Pit bull, his owner would have been robbed, if not hurt on process.

It’s amazing how a dog who was destined to be put down made all the difference!


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