Rescuers Loaded 21 Dogs Into Their Boat And Had To Swim Through Flood Waters To Safety

During catastrophes such a storms and hurricanes, rescue efforts always prioritize people over pets and livestock. Many pet owners are left with no choice but to leave their pet behind.

Independent dog rescue Betty Walter was stuck in the attic with 20 dogs in her care. Four of the dogs were her own, seven are fosters and the rest are from neighbors and homeless people who flee the hurricane.

As the waters filled her home, she hoisted up all the dogs to the attic. Three of which are too big to be lifted that she had to create steps for them.

She knew getting to the attic is a temporary solution. The flood waters will continue to rise so she had to get out of there.

She refused help from the fire department because they won’t take the dogs. She understands why but she couldn’t stomach leaving the dogs behind.

“I reached out to all the people I knew in the rescue world for dogs and in our community, and people were trying to send me help, but the water was too high,” Walter said.

“They kept calling 911, the Coast Guard, the Red Cross. I had people stop by from the fire department, but they wouldn’t take the dogs — they had to take people out first.

She was filled with anxiety. She did not want to be forgotten in the attic with all the dogs. Turn to the next page for more.


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