Rescuers Loaded 21 Dogs Into Their Boat And Had To Swim Through Flood Waters To Safety

Still, Walter refused to give up on the dogs. She took the risk of staying behind so she can find someone who would be willing to take the dogs to safety.

She waded through the water, stood on top of her truck and waited for someone who could lend a helping hand. Thankfully, a flat-bottomed boat happened to pass by so she flagged it down.

Buck Beasley, along with other people, was operating the boat. They originally came to the area to save a woman with a medical device that that couldn’t get wet.

However, the lady was already rescued by the time they arrived. Instead, they searched the area for people who might need help.

During their search, they found a man named Junior and his deaf Doberman who they loaded onto the boat. Two of Beasley’s companions searched a nearby home and also found Walter! 

Luckily, there’s now a boat that could take Walter and the babies in her care to safe ground.

“They went across the street and started looking, and they ran into a man named Junior and his beautiful deaf Doberman,” Amy Beasley, Buck Beasley’s wife and a volunteer for Bay Area Pet Adoptions, a no-kill shelter, told The Dodo.

“And while my husband was loading them up, the other two guys went to the next house, and there was Betty with her dogs,” Amy added. 

Beasley and company helped Walter load the dogs into the boat. She crated as many dogs as possible but some dog were too big. Turn to the next page for more.

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