Growing Up With A Dog Is Beneficial To Mental Health, Research Suggests

A study done by the Centers For Disease Control has uncovered what every dog owner in the world already knows. Dogs are good. Hurray for science.

Researchers at the CDC point out the obvious; having a dog as a kid can do wonders for your mental health. If your kid has been begging for a dog for the longest time, don’t hesitate to get him one. It will pay off in the long run.

After surveying over 643 parents, the CDC, has determined that owning a dog can actually attribute positively to a child’s development over the years.

Breaking down the investigation, the authors hypothesize that taking care of a dog can not only teach valuable lesson on responsibility, but it can also help a child overcome social anxieties and foment the building blocks for solid mature relationships later in life.

According to the study, even though no relationship can be extracted from BMI (body mass index) and owning a dog, the sheer fact that you have to walk a dog may impact heavily on a kid’s physical attributes.

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