Rottie Gives Kittens Some TLC

These kittens do not have a mother to raise them and teach them cat ways  but I don’t think they are necessarily unluckily. In fact, I think it’s pretty awesome that they get to experience the affection of a loving Rottweiler!

It’s really heartwarming to see a dog with this size and reputation to prove the bashers wrong; that they can be loving and caring and motherly too even to the species that are deemed their archenemy.

It’s so cute how a breed so big and deemed aggressive can be so gentle to animals 10 times smaller than her size.

This proves that any dog, regardless of breed, size or age, can be every household’s dream dog if they were raised properly.

Check out how the Rottweiler nurses the kittens as if she gave birth to them. These amazing balls of fluffiness transcend stereotypes and it’s such a beautiful sight to behold.


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