This Is Why Kids Who Grow Up With Dogs Have The Best Childhood!

This dog will change the way you look at Rottweilers. Rotties have a reputation for being mean and aggressive but if they are loved and disciplined properly, they can be the best pet you could ever have whether or not you have children.

You can tell that this Rottie is well-mannered because he makes way for the baby to catch bubbles too. He really exercises caution to not hurt the little guy. What a beautiful and gentle soul this Rottweiler is.

Isn’t it precious to see a toddler best friends with a huge dog? This is totally breaking stereotypes, and proving that your baby can live safely around dogs.

This family is confident they raised their dog well, thus their confidence in letting their kid be around the dog. Go to the next page to see a massive Rottweiler enjoying play time with a toddler.


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