Rottweiler Experiences Snow For The First Time & His Happiness Is Through The Roof!

When a snowstorm happened in Wisconsin in 2008, not everyone was bummed out about it. One dog found out that snow can make the best playground.

Oz the Rottweiler was one of the happy souls that appreciate the very deep snow that could have easily buried her. This also marks the first time that she experiences snow so her happiness is through the roof.

Even though she could barely walk through it, she bravely traversed through the deep snow with all her might. You can just watch the powder flying in her wake.

This is what makes dogs so great. They are positive creatures who live in the moment and always see an opportunity to be happy in situations that would normally put people down.

Adorable video is in the next page so click the next page button below! I bet this is a scene all of you dog owners who live in cold countries have seen before! Unforgettable!


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