Rottweiler Practices Cattle Herding. What Happened Next–Facepalm!

This Rottweiler is probably still training to be a cattle herder. Like any other amateur in the early stages of training, this Rottweiler has no idea how to assert his authority and it cost him dearly.

The clever herd of cattle ganged up on the poor Rottweiler and drove him to corners instead of the Rottie doing it the other way round. The herder got herded! It’s quite hilarious.

Nevertheless, we are rooting for the poor Rottweiler to be able to do his job properly really soon! After all, Rottweilers are a natural at herding.

No worries, the Rottweiler wasn’t hurt in the process. I believe he’s smart enough to not just stand there and get mauled by the herd he’s supposed to lead.

Watch the video in the next page and laugh your butt off. This dog needs more time to practice the art of leading the herd.


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