Rottweiler: Is this the face of a killer?

We absolutely don’t think that this is a face of a killer! Let’s not give in to stereotypes. Sure, there are dog who have gone bad but is it really the dog to blame? How about we humans take responsibility for a change?

The Rottweiler has a reputation for being mean, aggressive and overly protective, but like many others dogs, it really boils down to how you raise your furry buddy. If your dog is amazingly gentle, congratulations. On the other hand, if it’s a total meanie, congratulations, that’s on you as well.

With proper training and exercise and the right amount of affection, the Rottweiler can easily be your dream breed. Rotties are very smart too and are natural born workers. They excel at pretty much everything they do!

Rottweilers make fine dogs if you, the dog owner, are a worthy pack leader. The behavior of your dog is up to you. 

Photo courtesy of amazing photographer Seth Casteel. We LOVE your work! He makes really amazing photographs of dogs underwater. Perfect timing, amazing composition, just great overall photography skills –that is the Seth Casteel promise.


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