Rottweiler puppies rolling in a tunnel are the CUTEST!

OMG! There are no words that can express how I’m feeling right now. So much butterflies in my tummy over these adorable Rottweiler puppies playing and rolling in a tunnel with their fluffy bodies, rounded paws and insanely cute puppy whimpers. They’re so beautiful!

This video is basically just a pack of Rottweiler puppies being adorable and stuff. The objective of the video is of course to melt the hearts of people all over the world.

Watch this video at your own risk because it packs with a lethal dose of cuteness. You have been warned.

Rottweiler puppies are so cute it’s hard to imagine they grow to be over 100 pounds. From cute, they grow to be this fierce-looking gentle giants any dog lover would want to hug.

Don’t you just want to pick them up, hug them and never let go? Because I sure do!!


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