Rottweiler puppies sport a tutu! CUTE!

OMG, this is just so adorable! These Rottweiler puppies are 8 weeks and here they are sporting a tutu. From the looks of it, they have no idea how to wear it properly.

In fact, all they care about is how to rip the attire off with their tiny puppy teeth just for the fun of it. I think that’s what puppies really care about. Just gnawing and biting and destroying stuff as their is about to come out.

Oh well, these cuties don’t need the costumes anywayl. They’re cute just the way they are. It’s good that they are more than comfortable walking in the own skin fur.

The amazing thing about puppies is that no matter what they wear, they can rock it! There’s a certain charm to dog that can make them pull of just about anything! Watch the video below! They are so cute!!!

A lot of dogs hate costumes and these pups are no exception. They don’t like silly outfits just as much as any other dog.


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