Rottweiler showers baby girl with kisses. SUPER CUTE VIDEO

Rottweilers are often branded as fierce, violent and overly protective, but this video by YouTube user Walks Through Life will change the way you look at Rotties forever. We’re about to show you just how sweet loving Rottweilers can be.

The video shows an adorable and loving pet Rottweiler showering a baby girl with kisses. And by kisses, we mean very wet licks. It’s so endearing!

This is proof that dogs are not born bad, but they can go bad if they are raised by the wrong hands. Rottweilers are such gentle giants!

This is further proof that there are no bad dogs, just bad owners. A dog’s action and behavior is a mirror of his owner’s. There’s no way a good and assertive pack leader is going to breed an ill-mannered dog.

Moreover, we believe that Rottweilers are innately docile and loving. When it comes to dogs, it’s really all about how you raise them.


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